Where is an winter star?~シャロン/ROSSO~

YouTube : ROSSO - シャロン

b0039350_055679.jpgI've found a PV of シャロン performed by ROSSO. This song was made in their early time and one of the best song through the entire carrier of them. It's PV also makes me moved. Yusuke Tiba ,vocalist of ROSSO, also he was used to be in one of the best Japanese rock group Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, holds a big body of White Falcom(maybe) and play it roughly with black shades of his clothes. Only a few chords spin this awesome song.
I'm interested in the sound of Fender's guitar ,but ahhhhhhh White Falcom....looks freakin' cool...it's over thirty thousands dollar...damn it!!!!


by massy298 | 2008-05-21 00:27 | ♪LoveMusic♪