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I dropped my former mobile ,W43S(au), into a miso soup. It was so called tragedy hahaha. A bad thing is that I haven't backed up phonebooks until now. I wasn't able to rescure these data. Now I have three numbers in my new mobile.

Anyway, I've got a new mobile. INFOBAR2.



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by massy298 | 2008-02-29 16:32 | \/\・レビュー・\/\

The first step

A year has passed since I arrived in Canada. I got a call from my host family right now. It was wonderful. We both are fine ,and I'm sure I'll see you them again. Because of staying with them, I was the luckiest guy in Toronto.

I don't want to admit it, but eventually I'm losing the frequency of speaking English. I need a chance to talk with native English speaker.

カナダに降り立って、その日から1年が経ってた。ちょうどホストファミリーから電話があってさ、ちょっと(T-T) ウルウル。絶対また会いに行くって決めてる。あの場所に居られただけで、自分はすごい幸せだったから。

by massy298 | 2008-02-25 10:27 | in Toronto'07


I was driven to go snowbording and hot spring. I booked a tour two days before leaving and I went snowbording yesterday. Even though I was in Canada, why I didn't go snowbording? Because I was(still) poor lol.

I went to Kashimayari in Nagano prefecture where the Olympic took place(I'm not sure) It has long distance cource like four or five kilometer ,also has really steep course. I didn't go snoebording lase year. I ignored this absence and tried difficult course ,as a result my body is aching now...



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by massy298 | 2008-02-23 16:15 | 旅の記憶

with a donut

I'm cafeinephilic, I'm sure I'm addicted. Three cups of coffee is essential amount to me. I don't know if this amount harmful for my body ,but absolutely less harmful than smoking.
After a library is closed, I sometimes go to the nearest Mr.Donuts from my house and study few hours.The reason I choose there is that I can drink coffee as much as I want to drink it.The price of coffee is pretty expensive due to this reason ,but I stay there long time and I drink a large amount of coffee.This is a good deal.

図書館が閉まったら家から最寄りのミスドにいきます。コーヒー飲み放なんだもんね。値段が高めだけど、自分の場合長居してかなりの量を飲むから問題なしv( ̄ー ̄)v
by massy298 | 2008-02-19 23:34 | 綴る日常...φ( . . )

Bye Bye, Safari

I don't have many complaints about Apple's spftwares(honestly speaking,I don't use them a lot).But I said goodbye to Safari. It drove me crazy. I don't know why, but it's crushed many times. I used the latest version of Safari, I didn't access any hevy sites.Anyway, I can't stand it anymore ,so I started using Firefox.

I already have both Firefox and Opera other than Safari. I've never used Opera. I've used Firefox for browsing specific site like MSN or Niconico Doga because Safari can't access MSN ,and also can't play movies on Niconico Doga even though I updated the Flash Player.
FirefoxとOperaは既に持っていたんですがOperaは一切使ったことが無いし、FirefoxもSafariで表示できないMSNとニコニコ動画用でした。SafariからHotmailアクセスできないんだよね〜。ニコニコはFlash Playerをアップデートしたのにアップデートしろって言われて表示できないし。


Actually, I preffered Safari because of it's simple interface and lightness.I feel Firefox is slower than Safari. I solved the problem about the outlooking by changing the theme.I'm not satisfied completely ,but it may be a point of compromise.No, Safari should work well.
by massy298 | 2008-02-17 02:16 | 綴る日常...φ( . . )


When I buy a product from the internet, I prefer to use kakaku.com.

  This site has a tons of information about any products . There is about the lowest price, reviews and so on. If I decide to buy something, this sites dirests me to another web site which offers a competitive price.

  Also, loads of reviews are amazingly useful. Ordinaly people post these reviews. As usual, a web site of company doesn't tell what comsumer really want to know.On the other hands, Kakaku.com contains a lot of honest opinion about products.Moreover, in the bulletin bord for each products, people discuss function of it,comparison with others and even more general idea about the categoly of the products or the company. Some posted comments which were written by idiots are rubbish ,though.

   When I checked digital cameras, I read some bulletins. I could compare not only tha price but also opinions of users. And I didn't expect I could learn about the detailed information about system of digital camera. That's the reason I like this web site.

by massy298 | 2008-02-14 23:41 | ▽▲小ネタ▼△

My Suiton(すいとん俺式)


1. flour(1-2 cup)
2.1 egg

4.Tinned tuna
6.bonito-based soup stock(two spoons)
8.concentrated japanese noodle soup(about 50ml)
9.soy sauce(three or four spoons)

(a).Mix flour,an egg and water. mix them until it gets thick. If you think it is too thick, pour water.If you think it's too thin, put more flour. If you have, also put a little amount of mixed salt(salt,papper and maybe MSG)

(b). Boil water in a pan. Put #6 , #8 and carrots. And then, put soy sauce. Check its taste, and adjust it by putting these ingredients more.Next, put a tinned tuna.Moreover, if you have meat which is leftover of your last meal, you can put it.

(c).Finally, put (a) into a pan.Boil it.

It's realy easy but tasty. You don't need to pay a lot for it. I think tinned tuna is a point for this receipe because it makes a difference between normal-bonita-based-soupstock-and-soysauce-based soup. If you don't like it, you can omit tuna oil.






by massy298 | 2008-02-12 05:03 | 食べ物・飲み物

a new circuit

Since I've learned English, I don't think I need to get books translated to Japanese. This doesn't suit for any cases, of course. I'm not as arrogant as I behave hahaha. When I read books of my majour ,biochemistry, I strongly feel it. Japanese sentences in translated one don't seem Japanese. I think I'm reading "English sentences in Japanese".In this case, the speed to understand what these Japanese sentences mean is same as I read books in English.
The reason is that technical books should be translated directly. A translator may not include another meaning, metaphorical statement or something like that. However,it makes a problem for me. These Japanese is not natural to me. I feel I'm decording a secret code.I guess it's caused by a difference between English and Japanese.
One teacher said that technical English is not difficult. I agree it ,but when I took a class whose main purpose was to read inorganic chemistry in English, no students could do well except me. Maybe, I've got a kind of advantage.


by massy298 | 2008-02-11 02:52 | 雑感o(´^`)o

Brain Age

When I went to NYC, I was driven to buy Nintendo DS and Brain Age2. Now I'm into it. I'm not quite sure if this software works for my brain. Anyway, this is really interesting software. I play it almost every day.
 ニューヨークに行ったときに衝動的にNintendo DSとBrain Age2(日本版タイトル"もっと頭を鍛える大人の頭脳パズル"・・・多分。)を買ってしまった。そんでもって今かなりはまっています。効いてるんだかどうだかよくわからないけどwwwなかなか面白いですよ、これ。

The graph above is a result of one training.As you can see, it draws a poligonal line. The more I get accostomed to play this game, the better score I get, though. I felt the result is affected by my condition or surroundings. But, on the whole, my score draw a line like this in each training. I've never notice about this phenomenon. Although I don't notice on my own, my ability waves.
by massy298 | 2008-02-08 03:32 | ▽▲小ネタ▼△
This time is the first trial ever.Of course, I've never had to do it hahaha. I bought the new Yukimidaifuku which flavor is tilamis.Honest speaking, I haven't eaten this snack since I was in elementaly school.


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by massy298 | 2008-02-07 03:10 | 食べ物・飲み物