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It was not sweet but heavy shower


its a weekend of sweet love shower 2008.i went to the lake Yamanaka to join it.fortunately a shuttle bus runs from Odakyu Shinmatsuda station, and it was quite easy for me to get there.


i have one more day, but im already quite tired hahaha
nevertheres i've gotta go to see BRAHMAN
by massy298 | 2008-08-30 23:52 | ♪LoveMusic♪

walk on until I reach for them

See some web pages below. Are you impressed?

【2ch】ネタちゃんねる m9( ゚д゚)っ まるでゲーム・映画の様な風景

ワラノート 寂しい画像くれ

あんそく これより壮大なスケールの画像ってあるの?

【2ch】日刊スレッドガイド : 日本って感じのする画像貼っていこうぜ

I like travelling because I'm looking for the place like that.
I keep shooting to take the scenery like that.
The world never fades away.
by massy298 | 2008-08-29 11:03 | 雑感o(´^`)o


A new album of ZAZEN BOYS is coming out soon. It's been a couple of years since they released a former one, ZAZEN BOYS 3. Hidekazu Hinata left ZAZEN BOYS ,and this is the first album with new basist Ichiro Yoshida.

You can watch music videos on the web below.


What I want to say is about Sou Yoshikane on these videos lol.
During the song "Weekend", you can see his crazy dance ,and during the song "Asobi", he doesn't play guitar because this song features synthesizer so he just claps hands ,and finally he shakes a bottle of Syochu www

I may be able to expect this album more than the last one. Syutoku Mukai started to use synthesizer, and it makes a new way for ZAZEN BOYS.In the latest single "I don't wanna be with you", Mukai uses synthesizer, and Yoshikane uses a sampler.Yes, no guitar was featured. ZAZEN BOYS3 might be the experimental thing for this new style, I guess. Now it's become great.Talking about guitars, their style is really getting unique.

ZAZEN BOYSの新譜がもうすぐ出ますね。前作から2年、ベーシストも変わってしまったZAZENです。ネット上でPVが2つ観れるんですが、注目すべきはカシオマンでしょうwww相変わらず変態的です。Weekend中ではカシオダンスをまた披露しているし、シンセ主体の曲Asobiでは手を叩いているだけ。しまいにはビッグマンのボトルをシャカシャカ。

前作より期待できそうな作品です。向井が前作あたりからシンセを多用するようになり、ZAZENの新しい流れになってきたけれど、前のはその実験的な感じと思えば納得かな。シングル"I don't wanna ber with you"中ではギター一切使ってません。向井はシンセ、カシオマンはサンプラーです。ギターを弾くにしても、他のバンドとは一線を引いた独特のサウンドを聴かせてくれています。
by massy298 | 2008-08-27 19:26 | ♪LoveMusic♪

Yasukuni, August 15th


I went to the Yasukuni jinjya shrine yesterday. I've never been there, and I might've seen another "shade" of Japan I didn't know before. I won't say any more about Yasukuni or that war. Many Japanese can't state opinions about them as Chinese or Korean don't deserve to be hysteric. Ignorance can be sin. People wouldn't die any more. Maybe it should be the most delightful.



by massy298 | 2008-08-16 16:25 | 綴る日常...φ( . . )

SUMMER SONIC '08 (9th/August)


I went to the first day of SUMMER SONIC '08 TOKYO. I was not supposed to go there as first,but now I think I wish could've been there for two days.

I arrived at Makuhari in the morning to see Perfume's show lol. I get to a dance stage 1 hour ahead of the show. There already were a bunch of people. It seemed to be shut out soon, and it was right. Even though entering the stage was regulated, some people rushed in a hole , and the atmosphere was not good. Finally I went out from a hole during their performance because there were tons of Perfume geek like Mo-ota and their behavior was really disgusting. Also, members of Perfume talked too much. Why they had to talk on the stage fo a long time? That's not a talk show.

To come clean again, I went to a beach stage and got a beer. My friends was working there. I sat on a beach and listened to music. it was an awesome moment. Although I paid a lot for a ticket, I didn't mind staying there all the day. I didn't do it ,though.

Next, at the Marine stage, I saw the Subways and zebrahead. The bassist of the Subways was cool. She wore black short onepeace and red shoes. This shades of colours are fuckin sexy hahaha

Many people run into a Marine stage when Zebrahead played. I know their music is nice, but I couldn't enjoy well. Maybe the good music to me has kinda darkness and negativeness.

Here, my main purpose had come. The show of Maximum the Hormone was amazing. I was in a front side of a hole. That aera was so to say chaos. No men or women. No young or old. Everything was messed lol. After the shoe, I found I'd got soaked as if I jumped into a river. Almost all of my energy had gone.

I went to a beach stage again, and listend Scott Mafee who was the basist of Alister from Chicago. He arranged and played Japanese famous soung like Draemon, Shimauta, Donnatokimo and so on. He spoke japanese well.

Finally, I saw Sex Pistols. When I saw a picture of them, I didn't want to see them because they got too old, I thought. Yes they are old, but their performance might be better than when they became famous,the time Manchester movement had begun. They are not technical ,but strong. I felt they've been aging good.







by massy298 | 2008-08-10 14:54 | ♪LoveMusic♪